Friday, 1 June 2012

Skip Rat Cake

This was an unseal cake, it's not every day your asked to do a skip rat cake for someone's father in-law who is turning 50!

Vanilla cake again, this was a simple shape but it was the attention to detail that would make it what it is. I made all kinds of different rubbish to go in the skip. From a metres to a broken TV, bricks, pipes, boxes and wheels. Not forgetting the little mini rates made to scuttle around the skip.

I then decided to air brush the side of the skip with the name, age, and message because when you see a skip these days they usually have the name and number of the company sprayed on the side! I then used some of the paint to dirty up the skip and make it look more authentic.

A very fun cake again, one I always get raised eyebrows about when I mention it in the list of unusual cakes I have done.

Ruby Slipper Cake

This is a cake I have had to do a few times, each time the kitchen and the cats have never fully recovered from the red glitter attack. I has been done in chocolate and vanilla, the base of the case is another custom job. I get my now husband to make the heal of the shoe out of hard foam as I can't touch the stuff. I then spray and cover this foam heal with foil so it is safe for the cake to rest on. I also have to cut some 3mm cake board into the soul of the shoe to rest the cake on and build up from there.

You make a the shoe shape and put it in the fridge to set for about 2 hours, while this is going on it gives you time to cut out all the little red circle to stick on the shoe like sequins. When the cake is set you can then cover the cake in a layer of red fondant after putting a little black insert in for the inside of the shoe. then you can start to stick the circles on, I have no idea how many it takes I just usually keep going from the heal up till the cake is covered. It takes a while but is totally worth it!

Then I do two things, I spray the cake with a metallic mother of pearl spray to give a slight shine but then have to manually dust the cake in red glitter and white holographic glitter. This doesn't cover every part of the cake but adds to the illusion.

Time consuming but I very fun cake and people's reactions are great!

Gibson, Les Paul Guitar Cake

So I just finished this cake yesterday for someone I work with, they originally asked for the cake to be as big as I could make it with money been no object. However when I advised what size of cake I could make and the cost, it became an object! :)

So I ended up scaling this one down to be 28 inches long instead of real Les Paul Guitar sized. Something that big would have been a nightmare to deliver anyway!

 I added an Amp as I had more cake left over and I didn't want to waste it. The cake is a chocolate with chocolate butter cream. I covered the whole of the cake in white fondant icing to start with, then I used a mixture of yellow, caramel, red and dark brown food colouring neat from the containers to pain the wood effect. Starting from the middle and pulling out with a paint brush. The side of the guitar was air brushed, took about 5 coats of different colours, red, black, caramel and dark brown to get the right effect.

The neck of the guitar is painted with black food colouring which gave it a nice sine. All of the little parts have been made from fondant icing with a hardening agent added, they have then been painted with gold or silver edible paint.

The crowning achievment I think was the strings which in its self took an hour to do. They are fishing string tied around a little metal hook and then slotted into the base where the strings would normally start and then it is tied to a cocktail stick which is inserted into the cake at the head end and then has a small piece of icing put over the top to hide this.

I really enjoyed doing this and it's been a while since I did something so details but it is one of the best cakes if not the best I have done I feel.

Long Time No Post

So its been a while since I have done anything on here and for this I am sorry. Been a little bit busy with having a baby and then two weeks after moving house, But I'm still on maternity leave at the moment... soooo.... between looking after the large bundle of sick I'm getting back to making cake!

Some new and old cakes to follow! 

My endless source of amusement these days!