Saturday, 5 November 2011

Alice in Wonderland Cake, 18th Birthday

This was a cake that was made for my cousins 18th Birthday. It is a two tier cake, the bottom is vanilla and the top is a chocolate cake custom carved into the shape of the Mad Hatters Hat. 

The cake has an Alice, The Cheshire Cat, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Flowers from the Garden, Teacups and Pots etc. Playing Cards and the White Rabbits Watch. All made from fondant icing with the hardening agent, all made over the space of about a week. The cake it’s self about an evening to put together, but the little decorations took the longest.

There was so much I could have picked to go in this cake, but I had to draw a line somewhere.

Christening Cake, Carousel Cake

I now give you a tiered cake that was not for a wedding, but for a little boys christening. This cake consisted of 3 tiers. The base although it looks like two cakes, is in fact only one. It is a slightly smaller cake on the top to create the stepping up.
The base is a 9 inch and an 8 inch on that, then the centre pole of the carousel is also cake, 4 inch to be exact, then the roof is an 8 inch cake carved like a dome. There are plastic rods all through the different sections of the cake to create a structure that is more sound than cake usually is. 

The four horses are all handmade, from fondant icing with a hardening agent added to it to make it more solid. They took about 2 days to make due to the drying time and the amount of detail. The hardest part was putting it all together, the boarder around the top of the cake was a pain I will not deny it. But the finished product was well received and I must admit I was proud of it.

 Oooooh the horses!

Three Tier Wedding Cake, Custom Bride & Groom

Well continuing where I did not finish, I give you a three tier wedding cake!

Customised to the Brides wished, the little Bride, Groom and Westie on top are done to look like the couple and their little dog.
The bottom cake is fruit, 10 inch, covered in marzipan and then ivory coloured icing. The flowers are handmade, each petal cut and made to slightly curve using a ball ended tool. They are then left to dry out a little and stuck to the cake using royal icing which then you can see is pipped round the base of the cake and the centre of the larger flowers and the smaller flowers. 

The remaining two tiers are an 8 inch and 6 inch vanilla in the same ivory icing. The Bride and Groom took some time but I think they worked out well.