Friday, 4 October 2013

Back again!

So its been a while.

This time because I have had another little bundle of joy. But I'm back caking it, and still love it.

Many new cakes to post so I best get on then hadn't I! I also have a Facebook page setup for Cozzmic Cakes. Please come and take a peek.

Little pic of the new bundle.

As you can see the big brother is doing well and daddy is doing brilliantly with both of them! If I didn't have this support I would not be baking so a bog thanks to both our families as well! (especially my mum for the help with baking).

Bearded Dragon Cake

You know when your a kid and you ask for a god or a hamster or a pony for your birthday? This kid wanted a bearded dragon... ah ha... So it all made from fondant and pipped with royal icing...

Took a while but was worth it.

Guinness Themed Retirement Cake

Good things come to those who wait! clearly waiting to retire from work is one of those things!

All completely edible. even the toucan, he was fun to make and I had to stop the husband from trying to steal him. 

Sea Themed Wedding Cake

Ok, so this cake was done for my best friend, and her now wonderful husband. They were married on a really really old boat and so had a nautical themed wedding. Below is a 4 tiered cake been attached by a squid on the top tier!

The cake had a different color for each tier and then was airbrushed to give a different shade for the waves. The curves that are the waves are the same on all the tiers but randomly applied.

It was a wonderful day apart from me falling over in my bridesmaid dress, I'm so awesome! Below the happy couple!