Thursday, 12 July 2012

Megadeth Cake

This was done for a lady I work with, her daughter was 18 and she loves Megadeth, so when I asked 'what do you want my to put on the cake that shows this?' 
She promptly replied with 'Oh that bleeding, dead skull thing... You know what I mean!'
At the time I did not, but I just nodded and said 'Oh yeah, of course I know what you mean, I'll make it look as realistic as I can...???'

So I came home and asked the wonderful Internets all my questions, and that's when Vic Rattlehead popped up as the bleeding, dead skull thing... And here he is on that very cake I made!


Super Hero Cupcakes for a Charity Day!

Where I work have Charity Events every now and then, you know, to do there bit and show that they are willing to help the world! This event was done with a Super Hero Theme!!! So I decided to pitch my colleagues in a battle of wits to see who knew what Super Hero's I had chosen to decorate the cupcakes in. Needless to say they got the obvious ones but you would be surprised by which one stumped them...

Of all these Hero's, it was Wonder Woman that confused most, you must take into consideration that this was about 4 years ago so a lot of the major movies they now know where not out then...

The cakes are basically vanilla cupcakes with a swirls of butter icing, and a circle of fondant icing put on top, then the Hero logos are pipped royal icing left to dry and put on top, was hard and time consuming but from what I understand these cakes where gone within the hour so it was totally worth it!

Scientific Doctor Theme!?!?

So I thought it was about time I posted some cakes I have done, to a certain Scientific Doctor theme. Just to make sure that I cover my backside here these cakes where done as gifts which is so often what my skill ends up being used for anyway! And not for the benefit of monetary gain when the rights are so clearly owned by a big, powerful and all knowing company!?!?

Because I have done a few I will just show them all in this post rather than a post each!

 A Time Travelling Police Phone Box! 

One Killer Dust Bin and it life before fondant icing :) 

One Robotic Doggy (with bamboo skewer for head support!)
 The Police Box was one, 10 inch cake cut into 4, so you ended up with 5 by 5 inch pieces of cake that would stack to create the height. You then icing accordingly after leaving in the fridge for 2 or more hours to have the butter icing harden slightly. you add thick straws or plastic supports to get it to stay upright.

Similar sort with the killer dust bin except cutting it to shape before icing.

The robotic doggy needed the bamboo skewer for support as cake is not exactly light! Nor a kind mistress where defying gravity is concerned!

Pink Floyd, The Wall Cake

A cake done for a gentleman's 60th Birthday, I really enjoyed doing this cake as I'm a lover of Pink Floyd because of my Dad. He has been involved in a band since before I was born!

Oh look at the youth!

 So I have always had music as a big influence in my life because of this and Pink Floyd along with things like Golden Earring, Foreigner, Genesis, Asia and many more have always been in my own music collection!

But on to the cake! This was two 8 inch chocolate cakes and then all the decorations made accordingly. The teacher is particularly creepy I think...

The letters where all hand pipped in royal icing and left to dry along with the badges on the side of the walking hammers.