Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bugatti Veyron Cake

This is yet another car cake but this time with part of the Sunderland Football Club on the bonnet. A strange shaped car and a challenge the logo is painted with black food colouring and the silver parts with the edible silver paint again.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Skoda Rapid Cake

This was done for a friends brother, the car is as old as he is! it was a pleasure to do and I wanted to get it as close as I could to the real thing. On this cake I made a stand for the actual cake to sit on the if you looked under the car you could see though to the other side. Not something I had ever done before but it worked ok for this.

The stand was made from pink sculpting foam, covered in tin foil and then fixed to the board with a couple of screws through the bottom to hold it in place. Then the cake was built on top! made a couple of little traffic cones to fill out the board which look quite cute and called it there.

This car was still a challenge even though it doesn't have all the curves of a modern car. Instead of using a blue for the windows I used a grey/blue to add to the age of the vehicle.

Ambulance Cake

This was done for a girl who was in training to be a paramedic, her mother thought it would be something nice. Had to do another cake for this one as well as the normal 8 by 12, I did a 8 by 8 to build it up a little more. But this one was a little easier as not as many curves and dents. But its not a particular type of ambulance as I couldn't get details of the vehicle in question to the exact make and model so its an amalgamation of all different kinds.

So yeah, not too bad but could have used a bigger board, that's a 10 inch board its struggling to sit on.

Porsche Boxter Cake

Again another car cake, I'm trying to get them out there while I can :) This one was a almost black, slightly purple, soft top Porsche Boxter. Again done in the similar way as the other car cakes but this time as it was a soft top the roof was painted with black food coloring to give the matte effect of the material after I had sprayed the car with mother of pearl. This one was vanilla again.

On this cake you will see the windows are white but I have put a wash of light blue food coloring over them to give a kind of glass glaze effect, just adds a little more detail to it.

Beach Buggy Cake

This was the first ever novelty cake I ever did! It was for my dads 50th birthday 4 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing but I got there in the end. Made many many terrible mistakes but my dad was so pleased! I felt like I had really accomplished something :)

The reason a Beach Buggy was chosen as the cake for my dads 50th is this... They had a Beach Buggy before I was born and sold it to be able to get a deposit for a mortgage. When I was bout 14 years old my Dad found a Beach Buggy the same make and modal as the one he sold and decided to buy and refurbish it. I always swore I would be old enough to drive it before he managed to get it back on the road as you have to be 25 or over to drive a classic car which this is classed as. I'm 30 this year and he still hasn't finished it! Its a little joke in the family :)

So for his birthday I wanted to give him at least one finished Beach Buggy!

Jag E Type Cake

This cake is made in the same was as the other car cakes, this one was one of the first I had ever done that needed to try and look realistic. The silver trim is an edible paint you can get from cake decorating shops but is a nightmare to put on as it gunks up really quickly.

Again sprayed in mother of pearl, and to give you an idea of the final size that is a 30cm ruler just in front of the car, so its a reasonable size.

Ferrari Car Cake

This cake was a vanilla and jam cake. I start the car cakes off by baking an 8 inch by 12 inch slab of cake, and then I divide the cake into 3 sections. 2 which are roughly 5 inch's wide and the smaller piece is then cut to make the top of the car.

Then its just a matter of shaping the cake best you can depending on what type of car you are doing. I find that usually using a really thick vanilla butter icing is the best thing to get all the curves and dents on the vehicle. Believe it or not I have some plasticine modeling tools that I use. (They have never been used on plasticine so no worries there).

I would leave the cake to cool in a fridge for about a minimum of 2 hours, then apply the fondant icing. I find to get it as smooth a possible and then work back into it, to shape the doors and windows and so on. At this point I would recommend popping it back in the fridge for another hour at minimum to let the fondant set a little.

I then tend to cut the windows out using a craft knife (for cake use only), and then roughly cut a piece of black or white fondant for the windows and pop it in, trimming where needed. I do the same for the wheels and the lights and some times if there is a grid on the front. Bumpers and little wing mirrors with handles and wheels all get made and put on as you make them.

To put a finishing tough on the car cakes I have an air brush and compressor. I mix a little 'Mother of Pearl' Powder with some water and then air brush the cake before I put things like the registration or any piping detail on.

 Oooo, Red!
So there we have a car cake in the shape of a Ferrari. Please enjoy.