Monday, 6 January 2014

Teddy Bear Picnic Christening Cake

I have done two of these. One in pink earlier last year, and another recently in blue for the 5th of January. 

I like making the little bits on these cakes, the plates, the cups, the bears and the buttons. I think its the little bits that make it again the attention to detail. But can easily spend a whole day making these bits.

I would always advise these things be made in advance so they have time to set. Or even if you have time for some strange reason make them and store them for when you might need them.

Tiffany Box Cake

Again a simple cake but rather than just do a box, I added little suger diamonds to the cake to add a little something.

The writing is all hand pipped, and was difficult but I feel worth it!

The bow, as I find all bows, was what took the longest to do. Its taking time to get it right and to have it set in the right position.

Was happy with the end result though!

Wonder Woman Cake

I know I am not the first to do this. I know I will not be the last. But I really enjoyed this cake!

The cake is Chocolate and is a 7 inch and a 4 inch. Everything is hand made, these days I am trying to put more focus on the figures and the face. The level of detail I put in seems to pay off when putting the whole thing together.

 The Wonder Woman Logo is hand cut on both the main cake and the figure. I know the cake is rather simple but I think the figure makes it!

 I love making cakes like this.

15000 Hits!

Never did I think I would be back and forth from this enough for this to happen.

For those of you who have used my cakes as some form of inspiration in creating your own I am extremely flattered and I thank you.

To those of you who just enjoy looking at them and seeing what crazy thing I have been asked to do next, thank you.

Just a great big thank you to all who enjoy my cakes and get anything from them.


1D Cake

So I will be honest and say I know nothing of this band, nor from looking at pictures of them or reading a bit about there short life do I want too.

But an order is an order and this cake was quite popular, even though the design is simple it is the figures and getting the hair right for each little guy that makes it I think.