Monday, 6 January 2014

Tiffany Box Cake

Again a simple cake but rather than just do a box, I added little suger diamonds to the cake to add a little something.

The writing is all hand pipped, and was difficult but I feel worth it!

The bow, as I find all bows, was what took the longest to do. Its taking time to get it right and to have it set in the right position.

Was happy with the end result though!


  1. Fab cake. How did you manage to get the Tiffany & co so perfect? X

    1. Hello! I printed off the size I was after, traced it on to some baking paper which is like tracing paper and used a clean pin to prick the design in to the cake very lightly.

      Then its just a matter of painstakingly piping it in. helps having the design right next to the cake to check back. Hope his helps?!

      Coz :)

    2. Thank you that's helped a lot :) I have been asked to make a big box an then lots of little ones so been trying to find how to do the writing x

    3. Best of luck with that, it sounds like a lot of piping. Send me a pic when your done? I'm always interested to see other cakes!