Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pink Floyd, The Wall Cake

A cake done for a gentleman's 60th Birthday, I really enjoyed doing this cake as I'm a lover of Pink Floyd because of my Dad. He has been involved in a band since before I was born!

Oh look at the youth!

 So I have always had music as a big influence in my life because of this and Pink Floyd along with things like Golden Earring, Foreigner, Genesis, Asia and many more have always been in my own music collection!

But on to the cake! This was two 8 inch chocolate cakes and then all the decorations made accordingly. The teacher is particularly creepy I think...

The letters where all hand pipped in royal icing and left to dry along with the badges on the side of the walking hammers.


  1. Hi!! how did you do the bricks? Did you use a cutter, just pushing it to mark the cake? I really appreciate your help!!

    1. It was done with a ruler and an edging tool, Takes some time but did the job!